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About Us





IsConsults Int. has invested time and effort in researching the best tools for capturing your business idea or concept and translating that to reality.

Today, we acts both as a web development house and also focus more on its consultancy wing, advising companies on how to improve their web operations for better results and project management.


Our team of experts are well versed in every sphere of IT, web development, web maintenance and project management.

IsConsults Int. provides highly customized and personalized tutoring. Gain a fresh perspective, identify what may possibly be holding you back and formulate a game plan for moving forward. Register for your highly focused and results driven one-on-one tutoring session today.


In as much as we are a design agency, we are also well-educated in web consultancy. See, we don’t like fibbers. Some people will tell you they can do anything you ask them. We don’t do that, if your requirements are simply beyond us, we’ll tell you right from the word go. We go further as to tell you WHO can best offer you that service as we are affiliated to many experienced agencies.


IsConsults Int. has an affiliate company that is responsible for all aspects of Mobile Phone Repairs


Summary of areas of specialisation include the following:

  • One-on-One tutoring on request on various IT/Technology issue
  • Web Project Management
  • Design and Management of websites
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Management System
  • Web Video


Other services we offer include:

  • Web Trouble shooting
  • Training (All Windows Packages)
  • Webstart-ups
  • Mobile Phone repairs




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